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I had my camera bag with me but there was no way I could shoot the Avanti while we were both driving in traffic.

Blake era Avantis dropped the II, and incorporated body color bumpers and rectangular headlamps, so this is clearly an Altman era Avanti II, with chromed bumpers and Avanti II badging.

The original Avanti was the product of Raymond Loewy’s studio, based on a “doodle” by Studebaker chief Sherwood Egbert, who wanted a sporty coupe to use as what we’d now call a halo car for Studebaker’s boring and fading product line.

If ever the word “timeless” applied to a car, it applies perfectly to the Avanti.

If you have 3D capabilities, you can see this Avanti II in stereo at Cars In Depth.

You find unusual cars down on the street, stored off of the street, parked by by the curbside, ready for the crusher at a junkyard, or sometimes even abandoned in Brooklyn or Qatar.