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It is also the liturgical language of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.

Scholars distinguish between Vedic Sanskrit and its descendant, Classical Sanskrit, however these two varieties are very similar and differ mostly in a some points of phonology, grammar, and vocabulary.

Though we don’t live on a farm, goats have taken over our lives.

Nine months ago, my wife Morgana teamed up with ten of them to found Y’Herd Me Property Maintenance, a goat-powered landscaping firm with which she hopes to clear some of the overgrown spaces that have blighted New Orleans since Katrina.

“When I look at the Lower Ninth Ward,” NAACP branch president Danatus King told , “the weeds are higher than the rooftops. When we talk about…a reduction in blight, to me, I don’t see it.” As bankrupt Detroit faces its own blight problem, it has turned to goats.