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But this was defended by Bob’s attorney claiming that 3,422 is already enough for her and she should be fined ,500 by the court for wasting everybody’s time.In 2013, Sheree received a hefty sum of ,000 from Bob after he missed 38 consecutive payments of ,142 for child support.Her ex-husband who is a former NFL player, Bob Whitfield escorted Sheree on the gateway during the Real Housewives of Atlanta trip to Jamaica this season and to our surprise, according to Radar Online, they are not planning on getting married.

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“I wasn’t playing when I said Bob has to work for this.

Sheree Whitfield is addressing reports that she’s married!

Although the couple got divorced in October 2007, and Sheree received $775,000 lump sum, more than $1.1 million dollars of marital property, a portion of Bob’s retirement plans and $2,142/month for child support and she did get a chance to enjoy any alimony.

Later, she did appeal to the Georgia Supreme Court that she was falsely denied from the alimony and required it because she lacked the education and skill set to make good money on her own.

The two were married for seven years, and Bob appeared on the show from time to time, usually seen arguing with Sheree, leaving fans to wonder, will love be better the second time around?