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The crushed brick is deep enough to allow footprints and ball marks, but shallow enough to avoid making the court spongy or slippery.

In tournament situations workers smooth the surface before matches and between sets by dragging rectangular lengths of chain-link across it.

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In 1927, France defeated the United States to win the Davis Cup, due largely to the Musketeers' efforts.

Roland Garros was constructed as a venue for France's successful defense the following year.

The red brick dust is replenished as needed (daily during major tournaments).

The surface was a state-of-the art solution, in 1928, to the biggest problem with natural clay courts: poor drainage.

) is a tennis venue located in Paris, France, that hosts the French Open—also known as Roland Garros, particularly within Europe—a Grand Slam championship tournament played annually around the end of May and the beginning of June.

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