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Afterwards, Natalie became guilt-ridden and insisted that her brother find a more appropriate partner, but he forced her to continue their incestuous pairing - until the unbelievable truth finally came out.

This film became well-known for its montage set-piece called the "Squeaky Bedsprings" scene.

No more breasts, no more stomach, no more thighs, no more buttocks! At the end of the day, she resolutely told him: "You're scared.

I'm going to crumble you, you're going to break up.

The irony of my life was that the more I longed for someone to change my life, the less I knew the first thing I became.

It was a clever and non-explicit sex scene that took place in a tenement apartment building above a ground floor butcher's shop/delicatessen.

Above him as newly-hired handyman and circus clown Louison (Dominique Pinon) painted the ceiling with a roller, the cannibalistic butcher/landlord Clapet (Jean-Claude Dreyfus) made love to his mistress Mme.

He was forced to beg for another $10 bill as he crouched outside the customer's toilet door.