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The film that premiered about four years ago has ignited major careers for the four young stars — and a brand new movie is bringing two of them back together.

Alice Englert, who played Lena, and Thomas Mann, who played Link, will be starring together again in a new flick called , Deadline reports.

”“When it comes to a kiss, you never talk out a romantic moment. I wouldn’t treat a romantic scene any differently than any other scene.

Now let us remind you one thing, this interview is two years old when the Ginger and Rosa star defended her favorite actress.

The starlet, aged 21, revealed that she didn’t like when the Snow White and the Huntsman star was ‘scrutinized’ by people.

And now, we have come to know that the ‘Beautiful Creatures’ star loves and adores The Twilight Saga fame Kristen Stewart. Actually this young lady is a great fan of the tough girl Kristen.

She is straight and has had boyfriends in the past as well.

And we all know both Alice and Kristen’s parents work in the film industry.