Voice adult chat

A headset is going to run you around , or if you want one that's going to break in a few months and requires a replacement.Perhaps you're not obnoxiously cheap, so that doesn't bother you. That's the price of a new boxed game or several smaller games or a few dinners out or movies or almost , and it's being spent on something that essentially only has functional value in context of something else.Your excuse of "I don't have a headset" is met with "well, get one" rather than any alternative plans.

It's become a de facto standard There are other things that are annoying about voice chat, like the fact that no matter where you are and what you are doing there will be at least one person using said chat whose voice should be declared a human rights violation.

But all of this pales in the face of one overwhelming fact: You can't get away from it. The days when "I don't like voice chat" would get you out of using voice chat have passed into memory.

It takes you out of the game Immersion is a big deal to me.

It's why I play on roleplaying servers and why I roleplay (although that's another discussion).

I could search an entire world full of knowledge and ideas at once!