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S., Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and elsewhere, to form a vast online pornography enterprise of national and international scope.”The suit claims that the live websites require “fast, smooth, uninterrupted delivery of streaming media content, such as that made possible by (WAG’s) patents…for which they have not compensated (WAG).”WAG Acquisition LLC, was formed in the late 1990s by Bill Grywalski and Harry Emerson to provide service to radio stations seeking to stream their broadcasts on the Internet.

Web streaming technology at the time was quite poor, relying on long “buffering” periods and running into frequent stops in streaming audio and video online, said a statement from the company Docler Holding is a multinational company based in Luxembourg since 2013.

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The firm started in 2001 and created and developed a large number of highly diversified companies, in the fields of entertainment, technology, personal development and luxury/lifestyle, according to the company website.

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David is in the form of WAG Acquisition LLC, also known as Surfer Network of Gold Mine Road, Flanders.

Goliath is in the form of two Luxembourgh-based companies and a third in California, including Gattyan Group l; Duodecad IT Services Luxembourgh l.

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