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are iterated over and each parameter variable in the update statement is replaced with the value for that parameter. Event Args e) private void da_Row Updating(object sender, Sql Row Updating Event Args e) object.

Single quote delimiters are added around the string values. The solution delimits the string values for the Category Name and Description fields in the Categories table from the Northwind database used in this example.

I ran into problems updating the table directly using an UPDATE statement, however, so I tried a different approach, and so far have no luck there either.

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Event Args e) private void On Row Updated(object Sender, Ole Db Row Updated Event Args args) Microsoft Access does not support stored procedures or batch command processing.

Ole Db; // Data Table name constants private const String CATEGORIES_TABLE = "Categories"; // Field name constants private const String CATEGORYID_FIELD = "Category ID"; private const String CATEGORYNAME_FIELD = "Category Name"; private const String DESCRIPTION_FIELD = "Description"; // Stored procedure name constants public const String GETCATEGORIES_SP = "Get Categories"; public const String INSERTCATEGORIES_SP = "Insert Categories"; // Stored procedure parameter name constants for Categories dt public const String CATEGORYID_PARM = "@Category ID"; public const String CATEGORYNAME_PARM = "@Category Name"; public const String DESCRIPTION_PARM = "@Description"; private Data Table dt; private Ole Db Data Adapter da; // . Event Args e) private void add Button_Click(object sender, System.

private void Custom Adapter Batch Update Form_Load(object sender, System.

One thing to keep in mind: the solution code iterates in reverse order through the parameters collection so that parameters are replaced correctly if there are more than nine parameters; if they were processed in forward order, parameter , and so on.

For example, there could be an adapter that moves data between a Microsoft Exchange server and a dataset.

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