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Meanwhile Mormons on Facebook are left in the doldrums waiting for the site to launch, bemoaning the quality of the existing Latter-day Saints dating sites.

"I've never been blatantly propositioned so much as on 'LDS' single sites and it really REALLY makes me mad (and disappointed ...

It’s been a difficult path." less Maroon 5 guitarist James Valentine no longer considers himself an active member of the church, saying "This is about as polar-opposite a lifestyle as I was supposed to have, in my adult life. more After converting to Mormonism over a decade ago, Gladys Knight jokingly told the church’s president, its "prophet on earth," that the music was lame.

She now tours with the Saints Unified Voices and gives her testimony to sold-out crowds.

"Instead of answering any of our messages, IRI secretly sent a letter to our website hosting company that nearly caused a catastrophe for the company," Rao wrote via email.