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It appears from the value curve above that at least some stereotypes we often hear do hold some truth.

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Over time, as both age, Ashton’s value has been on the rise while Demi’s have declined.

Fast forward to 2011, the orange circles on the curves show Ashton’s value at approximately $158, and Demi’s value at $56, a $101 difference in Ashton’s favor.

38% said they love older women because Cougars know what they want.

But the most revealing answer of whether Cougar-Cub relationships are headed for trouble may be in the final question: Do you prefer to date Cougars because you do not find younger women attractive? To further understand why older women and younger men get together, and whether their relationships will last, we turn to the numbers on Whats Your

Although I'm not a bona fide cougar quite yet (I clock in just under the apparent age limit), I'm certainly not opposed to dating younger men... On behalf of other respectable self-established women who have no qualms with dabbling in prime meat territory, I'd like to set the record straight once and for all. Alpha cougars are sophisticated, intelligent, and on the prowl for sexual empowerment. Shuffleboard, comic book heroes, the latest i Phone app -- if you like it (and it will make us feel younger), we like it. Now be a good boy and go get mama a glass of chardonnay. Treat a cougar right, and she'll be all the woman you can handle.

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    The two got to know each other more when they sat together during their Sophomore year for a MIS class.

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    Councillor Julian Simmonds, Chairman of city planning, said most of the opposition had centred on the school expanding its non-education related activities.'Council has heard this feedback and this approval specifically prevents the college from expanding into an exclusive gated community,' Cr Simmonds said.'Under state planning laws, council is required to assess all development applications without discrimination on the basis of race, religion, politics or personality.'Several new classrooms have been approved for the college and a preschool childcare centre.'Cr Simmonds defended the decision to build a two-storey mosque covering 1,970 square metres for the Islamic school, saying it was 'common practice'.

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