Tom cruise and katie holmes dating

She moved into a fancy loft in Chelsea and continued to employ the team of bodyguards and other employees that is wholly necessary when you just got done with one of Hollywood's biggest divorces.

She still lived lavishly, but she made a point to step back from the public sphere she had occupied so largely.

With this return to Hollywood also came a literal return to Hollywood.

While she'll always be firmly cemented in the fabric of Manhattan, she has become fully bi-coastal.

It was June 29, 2012 and Katie's life was suddenly entirely up to her.

She was no longer tied to a husband who could be, by all accounts, intense, and no longer tied to the Church of Scientology which was, by all accounts, even more intense.

Most of the luxury she gets treated to is in the name of privacy—a host of bodyguards and private planes for vacations, for example—instead of outright glamour.