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Meanwhile, Junior is trying to learn how to play the guitar and his friend convinces him to smoke pot. Michael doesn't take it well when he loses to his teenage son at basketball.Meanwhile, Claire thinks the best way to attract boys is to have bigger breasts, so she buys a padded bra, much to the dislike of Jay who punishes her for doing so.When Jay asks Michael to spend less time watching TV and more time with the family, they both learn that their biggest problem is communication.

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He buys a wig (or a hairpiece as he likes to call it) and starts to demonstrate his love for his family in a weird way.

He even buys a motorcycle and an RV, in a misguided effort to live life to its fullest. Absent: Tisha Campbell-Martin as Jay Note: From this episode onwards, Jennifer Freeman takes over the role of Claire Kyle, who was previously portrayed by Jazz Raycole.

The Kyles have to scramble to leave Hawaii when they discover their flight leaves much earlier than they thought. Valerie really likes Junior, and Amber (played by Claudette Ortiz) doesn't.

He dumps Valerie for Amber, a hot chick that wants to date Junior to make her old boyfriend jealous.

The episode builds to a dream sequence, in which Janet has a nightmare and the entire family is morbidly obese after Michael decides to grow big with her.