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Garvey, MBA, author, speaker, intuitive and happiness coach“Don't think to yourself, he'll change when we get more serious, when we ________. I hear from clients all the time that the signs of who the person was were there while they were dating, but they figured/hoped it would change, or they chose to ignore it.

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In an interview, you want to find out what kind of fit the environment is for you, not just prove that you have what it takes to do the job. Eventually you fall in love with the process, and before you know it, your ideal match shows up.” -David Brown Jr., author and transformation coach“When dating, always put forth your full energy and effort.

Being enthusiastic means more passionate relationships and a deeper intimacy with our significant other. “Now that you have the relationship history cataloged. Take stock of the themes surrounding your dating history (and take responsibility where needed) by asking yourself:- What is similar about the men or women that you have dated? I am attracting men that are commitment adverse.) What ideas are you illustrating about yourself in relationships? I struggle to share what I feel and avoid speaking my truth).” -Elaine Beth Cohen, Life & Wellness Coach“A good listener is always considered a great conversationalist.

And, just as with a novel, if you are captivated by the story, you can seek the sequel.

Amazingly, this approach can dissolve the angst of over-thinking before, during, and after the date.” - Karen L.

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