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While pretending to be another FBI agent named Max Siegel, he takes on cases that Alex is working and starts to gain his trust in a case against two killers.

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It's also revealed in Cross Fire he has ASPD(Antisocial Personality-Disorder) and boasts an IQ of 149 Four years later, in Double Cross, Kyle escapes prison with the help of his lawyer and travels across the Eastern United States and to Paris, enjoying his newfound freedom.

He kills multiple people during the novel, one of whom is his mother, who he kills out of spite as she denies having any knowledge of the abuse of her son at the hands of her husband William.

By the novel Roses Are Red, a new serial killer called the Mastermind is causing trouble with a series of bank robberies and murders, one of which involves the killer murdering Alex's girlfriend and partner, FBI agent Betsey Cavalierre.

By the end of the novel, it is revealed that Kyle Craig himself is the serial killer, but no one knows the truth.

Kyle Craig is a fictional character and antagonist in James Patterson's series of novels featuring Washington, D. However, in the 2001 novel Roses Are Red, Craig is revealed to be a criminal who calls himself "The Mastermind", having organized a series of brutal bank robberies and murders. From Violets Are Blue onwards, Craig is one of Cross' most formidable adversaries.