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“A candidate who tries to deceive the interviewer in a job interview will continue to do so once hired,” and while “you can always bring a new hire up to speed with training, it’s not that easy to instill integrity in someone” who doesn’t have it, Sasal adds.

In life, there’s no end to learning and same goes for your career.

You may be a rockstar at the job itself, but if you can’t get along with others and don’t “jive” with their people then it doesn’t matter.

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This shows that you’re a “self-starter” and won’t need to be constantly pushed to perform.

“As a former employer who [has] hired several hundred employees…a word I loved to hear was persistent”, says Timothy G. of Management and Human Resources at Doane University.

While strong technical skills and relevant industry experience are two extremely valuable “must-haves” as a job candidate, those things alone aren’t always enough.

Hiring managers really seek out candidates who have the skill, experience AND who have an overall optimistic, positive attitude.

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