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She remained in Tokyo throughout World War II and the great fire-bombing of March 9, 1945, during which she was sheltered with other family members in a special bunker in the Azabu district of Tokyo, far from the heavy bombing.

Ono later went to the Karuizawa mountain resort with members of her family.

She received a Golden Lion Award for lifetime achievement from the Venice Biennale in 2009 and the 2012 Oskar Kokoschka Prize, Austria's highest award for applied contemporary art.

After finalizing the divorce, Cox and Ono married again on June 6, 1963.

She gave birth to their daughter Kyoko Chan Cox two months later on August 8, 1963.

She studied at Gakushuin, but withdrew from her course after two years and moved to New York in 1953 to live with her family.

She spent some time at Sarah Lawrence College and then became involved in New York City's downtown artists scene, which included the Fluxus group.

After the war ended in 1945, Ono's family moved without her to the United States and settled in Scarsdale, New York, an affluent town 25 miles north of mid-town Manhattan.