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The identity provider can then carry out further verification to see if the person is who they say they are.

Privacy and data protection We’ve built the document checking service in a way that protects users’ privacy.

In the past, to check whether these documents were valid, an identity provider would have had to make a phone call, or physically look at the documents or a copy of them.

We've built the document checking service so that identity providers can check digitally - immediately - to make sure the information provided by the user matches a valid record. UK Verify, because it means identity providers can complete all the necessary checks within the time it takes for a user to go through their verification process - about 10 minutes in total, on average.

The scope of the document checking service The document checking service will initially link to the DVLA and HM Passport Office, so an identity provider will be able to use it to validate UK issued passports and driving licences from Great Britain.