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Most of the people being sold are black African men.

There are also reports of the enslaved people having their organs removed. The UN's Antonio Guterres spoke in a televised statement.

Maybe it is braver to undergo the suffering, but my body can’t take much more.

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Asha Larai died on December 13th 1624, her hopes still high.

Harriet Jacobs was born in Edenton, North Carolina, in 1813.

I give her a voice and let her speak with my knowledge. Dear Diary, I sit, surrounded by people not six inches away, underneath the deck of a boat. The groans grow so loud that I cover my ears and try to muffle the sounds with my own singing.

Last night I sang until my body passed out from exhaustion and I could only hope that I would make it until the next day. Yet the others and I are still hidden as the white men’s dirty secret.

In these excerpts from her memoir, she describes her childhood, her years in the crawl space, her escape to the North, and her experiences as a free woman. Jacobs (Harriet Ann), 1813-1897 and Lydia Maria Francis Child, 1802-1880, [editor].