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Now use this force to manifest and see how easily it happens.You will be blown over by the results and that is a GUARANTEE.

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When you are aroused you are a tiger, when you reach peak you are a super creator, yet when you ejaculate you lose that energy.

So the exercise is about arousing yourself about your desire, enjoy it, enjoy its sensations, the feel, the taste, the colors, everything, the ambiance.

Do you have a negative expectation you won’t get it? Do you know the No.1 reason the feeling of stuckiness is because you are getting desperate for a solution. How does it Read more […] You can either Judge or you can Love. “This is not right about me, my job, my life, my product because……….” Your mind can go on and on. My mobile may have ten flaws but it doesn’t matter, I use it for the VALUE IT SERVES ME. As you understand yourself more you will realize life has just 2 choices for you. The more I discover the truth the more Read more […] Manifestation is a state of allowing. On the contrary all that is required is a calm mind, a state of stillness.

Funny it may sound but just look at this flow to understand how we get lost in worry and anxiety about what we want. It could be getting frantic for an answer want to get what you want quickly life seems stationery, non moving, stagnant over dependence of something/someone for your happiness The solution is really simple Say screw it to everything you know, all concepts you have read about getting what you want… Read more […] Feelings noun an emotional state or reaction There are feelings labelled as “good” which make us feel “comfortable” such as feeling happy, supported, loved and more. Read this at least a 20 times because we are made to believe that we “have” to do something to create otherwise creation won’t happen.

You may believe certain “thoughts” and “think” certain crappy thoughts about yourself.