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As we admire the loving skill of distant craftsmen, we sense that lurking beneath, are interesting stories about traditions and belief system. While sirih chewing is generally no longer practised in urban settings, we continue to celebrate not just the ornate receptacles, but also their medicinal properties and their role in traditional wedding ceremonies. It was at once today’s tea and coffee, also tobacco smoking, and in addition, functioning as an aphrodisiac.

It appears prominently in the language, folklore, and poetry of the region.

Khir obtained a BSc in Mathematics from the Santa Clara University and a Master in Education from Stanford University.

His 7 year stint teaching mathematics in the American public education system was marked by a Teacher of the Year Award, and winning the USA National PTA Excellence in Education Partnership Award for his community/teacher support project initiatives.

She made the cut and is now teammates with the likes of atomweight world champion Angela Lee.