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Several other genera of North American tyrannosaurids have also been synonymized with Tyrannosaurus.

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Simon rex dating

One of this year's contestants, Lloyd Macey, recently opened up about Simon's absence last weekend, admitting it was a little strange not having the judge around."It was a bit strange on Saturday night to be honest with you – not having Simon there on the night," he told live shows and that the comments were fantastic."He added: "Simon's a lot better now and we were more concerned about how he was than that he wasn't there.

It was really nice that Alesha [Dixon] stepped in to look after his category on Saturday and I know he's on the mend, so that's great."Simon recently revealed that the cause of his fall was low blood pressure and vowed to take better care of himself as a result.

The remaining teeth were robust, like "lethal bananas" rather than daggers; more widely spaced and also had reinforcing ridges.

Those in the upper jaw were larger than those in all but the rear of the lower jaw.

Large fenestrae (openings) in the skull reduced weight and provided areas for muscle attachment, as in all carnivorous theropods.