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However, Hudgens clearly hasn't gotten the musical theater geek entirely out of her system; a few years after her gun-slinging, grenade-throwing turn as Blondie, she was back to belting ballads as Betty Rizzo on , where she plays an employee at an insurance agency for superheroes.

She also keeps up with fans on Instagram, where she enjoys playing with filters, offers up beauty product recs, and posts lots of sweet shout-outs to her current (as of this writing, anyway) boyfriend Austin Butler. As of this writing, she's making an action flick with Gerard Butler, working with mega-stars Woody Harrelson and Frances Mc Dormand on a dark comedy, and speaking out in an eloquent defense of the controversial film , where she'll appear alongside Amandla Stenberg and George Mackay.

People want to know the exact products he uses to get it so voluminous, whether his on-screen routine matches his regimen off-screen, and now exactly how often he During a recent interview on Good Mythical Morning, the hosts brought up the subject again — asking Keery to reveal the secret behind his "intimidating" hair.

(Sorry Dacre Montgomery, but Billy Hargrove's mullet just doesn't compare.) His simple reply: "Just getting up in the morning, having the windows down if you drive, not washing your hair as much as you’d think." He continues, "You gotta extend the shelf life, do you know what I mean?

And that's not all: Cornish is also known to occasionally take a break from her acting life to spit rhymes in her second career as a rapper. Lately, though, Malone is less involved in Hollywood and more interested in her new roles as a mom, a photographer, and a writer.