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This time it had defiantly sounded like a pig and it was close.

Jenny knew that wild pigs could be dangerous but they were also secretive and didn't venture too close to humans. As her eyes became accustomed to the dark Jenny saw the massive bulk of a huge pig only yards from her and it was edging closer, its snout sniffing the air.

Yes this was a strange beast but he had seen her pale pink skin just like the farmers pigs.

Jenny had heard these stories for most of her life and like the other folk in town had paid old Joe little attention.

As a youngster she had used the fringes of the swamp as a playground and now, almost twenty, she often camped by the swamp for days on end to paint and photograph the abundant wildlife.

The farmer had chased him off but he would return for those young sows, for now this strange female was near and in season.

Today had been a long one for Jenny, an early rise followed by a ten mile hike, just to get here, and she was tired.

Jenny and the Wild Boar By: kangaroo08 The old man had been making claims for years about a large pig, perhaps many, who had been making foraging attacks on his farm land that bordered on the swamp country.