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The Hogwarts saga is set in a world full of magic, a world not so much different from one in which, to borrow from N. Wilson, “Apple trees turn flowers into apples using sunlight and air.” J. Rowling’s world is full of magic, just like the one we inhabit.(By the way, the magic in the Potter stories is just like the magic in Narnia and Middle Earth.He’s the villain pure and simple, but still it can be said: J. Perhaps, in spite of what she tweets, she has a similar understanding and sympathy for those whose politics differ from her own.

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Dumbledore never gives any indication that he wants to redefine morality, and he even takes steps to protect himself from becoming too attached to his students, in the process protecting them from his own weakness.

If I may be allowed to put it this way, Albus Dumbledore looks like a man who embraces traditional Christian morality who is struggling well against same sex attraction.

For progressives, the media—newspapers, journalists, talking heads—are looked to as a source of truth.

People look to the news to find out what is happening and for help in processing how to respond. Rowling in her fiction, the media are a pack of self-serving wolves preying on the populace.

Are these kinds of stories we expect from someone who believes the government can fix everything? What the government seeks to do is make itself look good and maintain its own power not make life better for the people.