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Likely the best way to find out is by experiencing what it feels like to have one. It probably will be punctuated by silences, there will be disagreements, and yet, when we stay the course without distractions, we can learn to think more clearly, bridge the distance in conversation and not kill it.

The payoff is the negotiation of meaning, active building of relationships that last, and the sum of behaviors that affect the making of culture.

What we don't know about conversation is a lot.

And it's is much more important to figure out how it matters than we think.

They don't want to take responsibility for the things that might come up in a conversation, things that would come up during a full patient history. My students welcome the fact that the new medical records system almost forces them to turn away from the patient and keep the interchange about relevant details. We get so wrapped up in the technology, that we pay little attention to who needs to use it and in which contexts.