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When asked by the girls if he would pay his bill, he says he will… I have emails from Robert, agreeing to the above charges while he laughs for charging them back. Ricky has told the girls he works for a correction facility of some sort in El Paso, Texas, of which he also told me. Just don’t really know to what capacity ! Ricky just had a new baby, while his wife/girlfriend is in the hospital with complications of a newborn, Ricky is getting his rocks off with a phone sex girl !

His phone records, pictures, etc have been forwarded to his credit card company for the fraud he continues to do….  How is that for “family loyalty”. Literally the same timing !

Our numerous attempts to resolve this with him have been totally ignored by him. Silly boy. Aditya Rajkumar is all about; Family fun fantasy. Parents are coming over from India to stay with him for some time. He is worried because when he gets drunk he gets horny, and when he gets horny he thinks about having sex with them. Asked if he should tell them, who should he tell first? I bet Mommy and Daddy Rajkumar will love to hear all about this !!! lol If this is Aditya Rajkumar or you know him, please have him contact our office to settle the amount owning to us, to get this post removed. Randi This guy is a “serial stalker”. He has used proxies to enter our chatroom, he has sent numerous emails, yahoo messages via yahoo messenger.

He has sent texts, called our girls and has literally taken it beyond stalking and cyber stalking, he is one sick fuck !

Michael Vogt was a constant caller, an all around nice guy sort, until he decided he was going to play with not only his credit cards but his Mommies too ! Now if you can imagine, that doesn’t make Me very happy, but what really doesn’t make Me happy is being ignored by him ! If you see him, you should let him know, he is posted on the internet with a criminal charge too ! Randi Posted in credit card fraud, fetish release, humiliation phone sex, illegal use of credit card, masturbation, phone sex, phone sex bad boy, phone sex charge back, phone sex users, phonesex, phonesex loser | Robert Brezindine, San Diego, California Profession:Â Psychiatrist Robert is well known for doing exactly this, but some trusting, honest phone girls figured they would give him a chance, as usual he let them down !