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I suspect high doses of B vitamins could cause insomnia.

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A case study of two individuals showed D Ribose supplement to be of benefit.

I am not sure if kava is helpful but it is worth a try.

Chronic physical exercise increased sleep efficiency and REM sleep and reduced sleep latency (time to takes to fall asleep).

The release of beta-endorphins, opioid compounds that provide a feeling of well-being, after acute intensive exercise are associated with reduced periodic leg movements levels. D-ribose benefits restless legs syndrome We report on two affected male individuals, a father and son, ages 71 and 47, from a family in which three generations with RLS.

Sometimes even multivitamins and herbal supplements that one may not be suspecting can cause sleep disturbances. The more tired your body becomes, the better you will sleep and the less likely your legs will move in bed.

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