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“The publicity department will figure out a story and make the people believe them,” Rock Hudson said.

It was 1953 and the 28 year-old actor was on a trip to New York, strategically-planned by Universal Pictures, anxious to test the waters of press interest for their handsome, but up to then unexceptional contract player.

An underground barrier will also be created with poured concrete or metal sheet piles under a section of Terry Avenue, to prevent water from the Ouse travelling underground and rising on the far side of the demountable barrier.

There will also be flood embankments and walls behind a caravan site in Terry Avenue and Rowntree Park to protect properties in streets off Bishopthorpe Road, such as Butcher Terrace.

It wasn't placated by Hudson's conspicuous opposite-sex “dating” and did it's best to try and find a way to “out” him.