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“When they are shaken and tossed in a basket, they hurtle so variously against one another and against the ribs of the basket-work that they tumble wildly about, and their positions at the outset afford no perceptible clue to what they will be even after a single good shake and toss.”How can we generate a uniform sequence of random numbers? Centuries after that, I Ching hexagrams for fortunetelling were generated with 49 yarrow stalks laid out on a table and divided several times, with results similar to performing coin tosses.

The randomness so beautifully and abundantly generated by nature has not always been easy for us humans to extract and quantify. But by the mid-1940s, the modern world demanded a lot more random numbers than dice or yarrow stalks could offer.

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The oldest known dice were discovered in a 24th century B. RAND Corporation created a machine that would generate numbers using a random pulse generator.