dating saint petersburg fl - Radcalendar selected date not updating

In the above code we are using the Data Table Select method to find matching records, but again you’ll have to adjust the algorithm to suit your application’s performance and scalability requirements.

The only region that must be visible is the month region, all the others can be switched on or off.

In this article, we will use the Calendar control and Data Grid controls to display a calendar of events.

The calendar will display small icons and highlight each day where an event occurs. // Unlike the Data Grid, the Calendar control has no built in ability to data bind, but the control does allow us to modify the format and content rendered by catching the Day Render event.

When the user selects a date, the grid will show additional details for the events of selected day. The Day Render event fires each time the calendar creates a table cell for the calendar table.

Try Parse Exact method will only return true when the Text property contains a valid and completely entered date that matches the date format of the Date Picker.