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If you’re in manager mode, you get to set lineups, pitching rotations, and strategy for the games if you choose to simulate them.

As a GM, you can set full rosters, send players up and down the various levels of the minor leagues – and they’re all here, from rookie instructional to AAA with full rosters.

You negotiate with players for extensions, and if they go wrong, you may see it play out on the field depending on the personality of the player.

Improvements to the AI and chemistry/morale system adds to the realism if your star player decides to dog it for a stretch because negotiations aren’t going well.

And if you’re new to management sims, this is the best one to cut your teeth on, because it’s very intuitive for even a novice to simulations. Would you like to see what would have happened to the Red Sox if they hadn’t traded Babe Ruth?

Or maybe you’d like to simulate a whole different league, like Nippon Professional Baseball in Japan?

Set your lineup, rotation, and decide in each at bat what your team will do, and you can watch it all play out on the field with one of the best play by play mechanisms out there.