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Other research indicates that they lack social competence and rarely initiate activities: "They show less intellectual curiosity, are not spontaneous and usually rely on the voice of authority" (Parenting n.d.). Hoping to counteract such undesirable side-effects, they became permissive.

Permissive Parents Permissive parenting, also labeled as neglectful or disengaged parenting, is high on warmth, very low on discipline and structure, low in parent-to-child communication but high in child-to-parent communication, and low on expectation. The fact that many German children and adults had followed Hitler led people to attribute this to Germany's authoritarian home environment, which demanded unquestioning obedience. Permissive parents are nurturing, warm, and accepting.

Without high expectations to realize, "children of permissive parents generally have difficulty controlling their impulses, are immature, and reluctant to accept responsibility" (Parenting n.d.).

Steinberg (1996) shows a strong correlation between permissive parenting and poor grades in families where parents are not involved in their children's education and do not initiate a give-and-take relationship with their children.

1994), and engage in antisocial behavior (Simons, Lin, and Gordon 1998).

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