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“We’re measured in how we stand up in creating an emergency radio station operating a category 25 transmitter. The final results are published in QST Magazine in October and last year our club was second in Canada.” The field day is an exercise in technology and teamwork. on Friday afternoon when the gear is loaded in and set up.

For anyone living in the town of Grand Chute, there is a special approval process.

I expected simply to submit a building permit for approval, but since the installation was over 30', it was necessary to go through their exception approval process.

When disasters — either manmade or natural — strike, one of the top priorities is to keep the public informed.

An important link in the communications chain is the worldwide network of amateur radio (a.k.a. As one of the ways they use to keep their skills current, every year, the members of the Halifax Amateur Radio Club (HARC) join others continent-wide in the American Radio Relay League Field Day.

Shown here are the antenna cables which have each been routed 105' from this outside box to Alpha Delpha antenna switches in my ham shack on the opposite side of my house.