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Welles based Hannaford on his friend Ernest Hemingway, and he was specifically inspired by a drunken fight he had with Hemingway in which the author threw a chair at him.Hannaford is played by John Huston, the actor and Oscar winning director of The Maltese Falcon and The African Queen.

Showtime, an American cable television company, which is planning a cinema and television release for the film, has agreed to meet the cost of editing the film in line with the director's wishes.

There are now fears, however, that work on the project may never get underway because of the dispute between the two women.

The parties involved included his daughter and heir Beatrice Welles, who heads his estate, Bushehri's Iranian-French production company L'Astrophore, and Oja Kodar, Welles' collaborator who also appears in the film.

Kodar, 73, who lives in Croatia, has custody of the 45 completed minutes after Welles smuggled that part of the film out of France before he died.

I think it is unfair that she is trying to block the film."Miss Welles, who was the director's daughter from his third marriage to Paola Mori, the Countess de Girfalco, disputes Miss Kodar's claim.