Orlando bloom officially dating kate bosworth

Six months later their son Flynn was born in Los Angeles. The couple separated in the summer last year, although they officially announced their split in November. The couple went out as a family soon after the announcement was made, and they have both gone out of their way to profess their ongoing love for each other.

In Hollywood acting terms, it is a very British split, more Hugh Grant and Liz Hurley than Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Bloom shows remarkable self-awareness as he describes his current career conundrum: “I was part of two franchises, two trilogies, that at the onset of my career depicted me as a heart-throb and a teen pin-up and for a certain window there was a lot of money being made by a lot of people by me being that guy.

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I’ll always be grateful to Jérôme for thinking outside the box and giving me the opportunity to play this character.

I’m not sure that I got it right, but I gave it a good shot and I enjoyed it doing it.

you start playing a game to become what people think you are.

You sort of unwittingly play into that image, as opposed to just being who you are.”He met Victoria’s Secret Angel Kerr in 2007 and they married in July 2010. It’s probably the most rewarding thing that has ever happened to me.” The worst thing that has happened may be his split from Kerr.

As a kid I’d done a lot of things and I’d lived a lot of stuff.