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I mot alle odds var effekten av denne stor, og dette ga henne, familien, venner og legene et håp.

Etter 3 måneder med kurer med enorm positiv effekt, viste CT gledelig stor tilbakegang av kreftsvulstene.

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Help us, to give her a chance to spend more time with her two little sons, so she can watch them grow older, and to spend some more time with her family and friends. For foreign donors, please see currency conversions below to make donating simple.10 USD = 78 NOK15 USD = 117 NOK25 USD = 195 NOK50 USD = 390 NOK100 USD = 780 NOK500 USD = 3900 NOK1000 USD = 7800 NOK10 EUR = 93 NOK15 EUR = 140 NOK25 EUR = 230 NOK50 EUR = 460NOK100 EUR = 930 NOK500 EUR = 4670 NOK1000 EUR = 9350 NOKThis is Inger Kristine's story: Inger Kristine Borghov is a beautiful, bubbly 33 year old mother from Sandnes, Norway.

As the fundraiser campaign is administered by friends of Inger Kristine in Norway, the currency is in Norwegian Kroner (NOK). She is newly married to her husband Eivind, and mother to her two little sons Eliaz (3) and Mio (5).

This gave not only Inger Kristine and her family, but also the doctors hope.

After three months of treatment with positive effects, her cancer was in remission.

May 2017, a small cerecmony with their closest family)Previous to the diagnosis she had experienced no signs or symptoms.