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There is almost none, and the little there for me was meh. The Aussies would do better to give us a sequel to that mean little gem: Wolf Creek . It seems odd, because there was no tampering with Daughters of Satan, which had two scenes that were rougher than those in , IMO.-------------------- Galahad wrote: We are assailed on all sides by those who would impose, rightly or wrongly, censorship.

Nude girl chat on skype 2013

In other words, moralists here seem less concerned about the effect on the viewer than they are about the ultimate effect on society as a whole - at least, if we're interpreting their language correctly. Today's picture proves burning torture always works. I still intend to seek out the latter for sure, since I'll eventually be able to rent it for cheap. ------------------------- Yik Yakker: I was intrigued by your streaming issue on so I decided to check on it myself.

I've said it a many a time, whipping, racking and raping a gimp makes her scream but fiery torture makes her sing, "I'm a witch" and scream louder too. I'm not sure why you came across the black screen but the movie played fine on my side.

In a way, I envy you, because there's so much you likely haven't seen yet..would be great to be 18 and discovering this board for the first time.

A lot of the stuff we're into can be kind of mean and scary, but just remember it's all fantasy. I would recommend checking out some of the stories in the GIMP Fiction section...we've got some great writers here who can really bring the fantasies to life.

She has exactly that small, slim, tight, athletic body that I like. She was the 'victim' in a clip posted a few weeks ago, where she is kneeling and bent backward over a stout, square post. The physiques of your heroines/victims greatly appeal to me; slim, small-breasted, athletic, with fine muscle definition.

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