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If submission actually worked like this, feminism would have become the law of the land ago.In reality, submission is putting the interests of someone or something else before your own, without even thinking about it.

If you think I’m full of it, it’s because you don’t understand what submission .

The popular conception of womanly submission is authoritarianism and tyranny, a cruel husband ordering his long-suffering wife around like a slave, her tearfully obeying his every diktat and spending what little free time she has downing Prozac.

The so-called female thinkers not only came after these men, but were frauds: Mary Wollstonecraft was a mentally disturbed whore whom no one took seriously when she was alive, and Betty Friedan was a Communist Party agent whose husband employed a maid (meaning the entire premise of allowed them to occur.

Women’s suffrage, for example, only became law in the U. because progressives in Congress wanted a majority for Prohibition and their other moral initiatives.

It’s pretty easy to figure this out: wives are generally productive members of society (whether they work outside the home or not) and don’t need Big Daddy Obama meting out Other People’s Money to them every month. Then you’re submissive towards whichever man rules your mother.