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the songs they way that they are on the record, I think that that’s like looking at the songs thru the cages in the zoo …

coming to see us live, that’s seeing us in the wild … About to tease the Temple of the Dog song just yet, Ed quips “Do you know Chris’s (Cornell’s) part?

Ed also expresses some distress: “These heads you see up here … ” ‘Deep’ is introduced as “a four-letter word called ‘Deep.’” Ed’s intro to ‘Alive’: “And maybe, what I think of this song is a world you would be in on MTV or something.

No, listen, maybe it feels a little weird for me, cause I am a protector of this song as well, cause it’s like as you know, your life.

So I hope you listen to it in the right way, and I think live is probably the way.” During a short ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ jam, Ed attempts to cool down the crowd by calling it the ‘Waterpouring Song’ and pours water on the crowd.