News in online dating

It's successfully launched thousands of happy and lasting relationships.

Both consumer priorities and the choices they make have changed drastically over the past decade.

Let's look at a few cultural norms from just a few years ago and how they compare to the present: These four examples illustrate an evolution in human behavior. In fact, changes have happened before, and restaurants adapted to them.

Are these behavioral changes impacting the restaurant business? In this era of change, there's one thing that has not changed: food! Just as, fast food and drive-through restaurants were a response to the post-World War II car culture, takeout and online ordering are a reply to the onslaught of social media and mobile devices.

To get into the program, a member identifies themselves as a dater and gets customized benefits, such as a free coffee or draft beer for every five purchased. Moving away from dinner and a movie Movie theaters have also been impacted by the way we consume media.

Today there are many alternatives to going out to see a movie.

Services like Netflix, HBO and Stars, have made it much easier for people to stay home and watch movies.