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Currently, there is no feasible way to harness this energy from fusion and use it to power our infrastructure, but several years down the road, it is possible that it could supply us with the energy we need.

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September 2009—The development of radiocarbon dating in the 1940s transformed the field of archaeology.

Finally, archaeologists could determine the ages of their finds—provided they were organic and between 500 and 50,000 years old.

Fossil fuels are really just dead organisms that once used the sun for energy and that have been under a great deal of pressure by being buried under rocks.

So, right now on Earth, we can't run our own nuclear fusion reactors, but we still rely heavily on the fusion reactions that take place on the sun.

The solidification of a rock from its molten state fixes the ratios of fresh radioactive uranium and thorium in it and starts the “decay clock,” the same as the death of a carbon-based organism fixes the uptake of radiocarbon.