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Cut 3ply struts into strips that nearly reach the edge of your cupboard door.2. Cover the door and edges to create a sturdy box door.4. I experimented with fabric hinges rather than metal ones. i also need to know how to apply the shelves Hi I have an instructable for this one with video.Decorate the surface of door then glue a piece of balsa wood / masonite the size of a hinge. The measurements depend on the longest pieces of cb you have at hand.

Warning, you must be very accurate in measuring and assembling at this stage or structure may collapse because edges do not meet exactly.

The other main cause of collaspe is if the ply is less than 2 or 3 ply or the direction of the stripes on the cardboard for the sides are horizontal instead of vertical. Cut out accurately using 1 PLY cardboard for the roof and bottom shape to insert into TOP SIDES AND BOTTOM of inner space. The strength lies in the 3-PLY silhouette frame and internal skeleton.2.

Thicker ply of cardboard is definitely going to make aa stronger cupboard or chair or table.

In one structure I used 2-ply cardboard other times 3-ply.1 ply is all that's necessary for the shelf layers (more on this later)When cutting the shapes of the cardboard use a simple craft knife. The middle one and the front one you will cut out the spaces for the shelves.

Extra paint may be kept for several days in the refrigerator, until the milk sours. You can make a similar cheese by putting cottage cheese into cheesecloth and hanging it until it stops draining.