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Most motivated young people show up with the same dreams. At best, the advice above will get you some good memories, a strong career, a slightly larger waistline and weaker liver, and a negligible net worth.Better than the average fate, but a huge waste of an opportunity if you ask me.And you will never have another decade of pre-childraising freedom in your life.

I ain’t about those payments but I’m about that life!

, are your definition of making beautiful music together, then cool.

So the author, Lauren Martin, seems to be a young, fun-loving person living in New York City.

Having recently spent a few days there doing the old clinking of cocktail glasses in expensive restaurants with attractive entrepreneurial people and delicious food flying around everywhere, I have a fresh memory of the vibe of that lifestyle.

“Man I’m not talking about T-Boz and Mary stories up here man [laughs].” Their interview was filled with plenty of other gems.