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No one would speak to us, we couldn’t find anywhere to live because no one would rent to a black man, and we had no money.Now it’s very hard to comprehend the prejudice we encountered, but you have to remember that there were hardly any black people in Britain in the Forties.

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Mixed race muslim dating

I thought he wanted to coo over the baby but he spat at me. TONY SAYS: When I got together with Jan the fact that she was white wasn’t an issue for me — I had been out with girls from different backgrounds before.

I was simply attracted to her personality and the fact that, like me, she loved keeping fit.

He refused to come when we married in a register office in 1965, when I was 19.

He thought Shafique wouldn’t stick by me, but once we’d been married a few years and he saw how my husband looked after me, he admitted he had been wrong and Shafique became his favourite son-in-law.

He was horrified that I could contemplate marrying a black man, and I soon learned that most people felt the same way.