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columnist Harrison Carroll knows: "Although they didn't announce their engagement at Lori Nelson's birthday party, Burt Reynolds of the ‘Riverboat’ TV series, gave Lori a gold charm for her bracelet inscribed with the date they first met." Carroll tells: "I checked actress Lori Nelson on the many rumors she and Burt Reynolds, of the ‘Riverboat’ TV series, are altar-bound. He has made musical arrangements for Julie London, Eddie Fisher and other singers. Tab Hunter, her co-star in the "Bachelor at Large" TV series, throws her a party. Tab thought it would be appropriate to host a party for the pair to show he harbors no hurt feelings." Ann Blyth is among the guests.

'It could be that we will get married,' admitted Lori, 'but, at the moment, we are not even officially engaged.'" Carroll reports: "After a second try to understand each other, Lori Nelson and actor Burt Reynolds again have called off their engagement. columnist Dorothy Manners tells that Lori's union with Mann hit the rocks after several years.

Mara (Corday) decided to remain, drawing the same salary - $175 a week." is among the stars at Howard Hughes' smash Underwater premiere in Silver Springs, Florida.

Louella Parsons tells: "Debbie Reynolds, with her best friend, Lori Nelson, gave Florida a quick, cute nod, using the free junket as a means to see Eddie Fisher..." the press reports from Hollywood: "Lori Nelson is eating six nourishing meals a day to regain the weight she lost in New York when stricken with the flu.

One of the oldest TV show types, and the granddaddy of Reality TV; individuals or teams compete for cash and prizes.