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I will do everything in my power to provide the best pages you can hope for in the least amount of time possible.Until then, the pages here provided should work just fine in most of your games :) Not too much to say, and I'm not huge on talking about myself. Garen is a tanky, high damage AD Caster who fits toplane's requirements perfectly, he has high base statistics, good scalings and amazing sustainability, and his main reason of existance is his capability to make his way through crowds of enemies in order to kill the most dangerous ones the enemy team has; his kit is well suited for this role, but it does need the help of some specific items, that we'll cover in this guide for sure!

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28/09/15 - Added Olaf matchup video 10/10/15 - Added Maokai and Lee Sin matchup videos! 20/11/15 - Update on the Items sections with all the new items Garen can get something out of, updated crit Garen build.

Also removed the Crit Garen Build chapter: I will add it back once it's complete.

25/08/15 - Added information about Titanic Hydra and the new Bruiser Garen Build.

02/09/15 - Updated the guide for patch 5.17, slightly improved "Playing Garen" section for easier reading 04/09/15 - Slightly improved Darius matchup, lane is now Hard and needed additional information.

I'll keep working on this as best I can for as long as I can!