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Men do not want you to look manly or overly conservative in something like a man's suit, an army jacket, or baggy clothes. Men love women in dresses, especially ones that accentuate your best assets.

Choose a shorter one if you have good legs, a sleeveless one if your arms are buff or a cinched one if you have a tiny waist.

and, well, maybe that's not the worst metaphor: I am alluding to some screaming arena in which I am seriously under-armed, and perhaps overdressing my underdressing.

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And so I take down the rest of my Scotch, approach, and find her receptive, after all this, to: Hey, what's up? Women are the worst." I don't know about her generalizing, but she's got a firm grip on herself, this one.

Also: she's stumbling drunk, which eliminates any goal much beyond just attempting conversation. My boyfriend has annoying energy, but I wanted to fuck him.

You want him to be a man, so go ahead and look like a woman. Save your furs, expensive jewelry and elaborate outfits for a girl's night out or for a formal evening. And if you are thinking of cutting it short, don't.

Men don't like women who are overdone, as this translates to to them. 96% of all men I have spoken to on this subject say that they prefer long hair to short hair.

Don't go completely au naturel when it comes to wearing makeup.