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The Government offered to sell it to him for £600,000 but he had also declined.

Subsequently, a bidding process went to sealed bids with Crosse & Blackwell making an offer of £612,856 and M Girardot offering £576,000.

Amongst other things, it was famous for its buzzer which signalled the start and end of the day and lunch break and could be heard over much of and was presented with an artificial silk scarf which had been woven at the Factory and embroidered with the Princes initials in purple & gold together with white ostrich feathers.

The chimney was built of perforated bricks which were twice the size of a normal house brick.

The Branston Artificial Silk Company started production in a blaze of publicity and expected to employ upto 4000 people but, in fact, it never exceeded 500.

They also built 26 houses along Road for the use of the Factory foremen which were designed by Sir Aston Webb and known as the ‘Wayside’ Houses.

Crosse & Blackwell closed their Factory at Soho Square in London and commenced production of pickles at Branston in 1921 employing c600 people of which two thirds were women.

A large three storey office block was built near to the site entrance which featured a four faced clock on the top of it.