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In December 2016 the Department ended its recognition of ACICS and is requiring that we and all other ACICS-accredited schools obtain accreditation from another recognized accreditor by June 12, 2018.

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Everyone deserves the opportunity to obtain the education they need for a career they love.

That’s why at Mc Cann, we provide flexible program options to allow every student to learn when it’s best for them.

If the transaction is completed, Mc Cann will become an ACCSC-accredited campus of that school group.

While there is no guarantee the transaction will be successfully completed, remaining work on the transaction is proceeding quickly and we believe it can be completed in December 2017, well before the June 12, 2018 deadline for alternative accreditation.

If the transaction cannot be completed for any reason, Mc Cann will make every effort to identify another path to alternative accreditation.